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Fixed-interest, low-monthly rates, and no yearly fees are available as financing options.

Renovate Now, Pay Later

$0 for 11 months


Pay as low as



Why Choosing Lofty Builders Financing Partner?

Instant pre-approval decisions with soft credit checks from any device

Maximize energy savings with home remodeling upgrades

A range of competitive APRs and low monthly payments

Financing between
$2,500 to $55,000

No prepayment penalties

No hidden costs, no swipe fees

Why use home improvement financing instead of home equity loans or credit cards

  • Home equity loans can have lower interest rates — but require lots of paperwork, an appraisal and have a lengthy approval process. And new homeowners may not have enough equity built up in their homes. Credit cards can have higher interest rates, but are fast and easy to use. However, credit card payments spread over longer periods of time may dramatically increase the total cost after interest.
  • Interest rates for home improvement loans typically fall in the middle — and the process is fast, easy to apply for and offers long-term repayment options.

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